Your repeating of that lie does not make it so.

Ken: Can you supply references to back up what you say?

Here’s a biblography of books that I have not only read — but they are part of my reference bookshelf:

American Military History, Volume I, 1775–1902
For the Common Defense: A Military History of the United States of America
America’s First Battles, 1776–1965
A Country Made by War

And the most valuable one for the purposes of this discussion:

What They Fought For 1861–1865. This book uses letters and diaries of Soldiers on both sides of the US Civil War. This is the own words of the people who fought that war. Now I don’t know who you were listening to — but I went to the words of the people who fought on both sides.

And claiming that slavery was what motivated the people of the Confederacy to fight is asinine. Roughly 3% of the households in the South owned slaves. If those 3% were fighting to keep their slaves — what were the other 97% fighting for?

Remember that the officers of the US Army joined the Confederacy en mass (the primary reason the North did so poorly in the beginning years of the war). None of these people owned slaves and most of them were anti-slave themselves. So maybe — just maybe — you should go and learn history instead of allowing somebody (with an agenda) to tell you what to think.

Do what I did and look things up for yourself.

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