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Why We Decided to Move Our Blog to Medium

Came for interesting reads — stayed for writing and socializing.

We actually named our servers by Corleone family members, but it’s not something we recommend. It was fun while we were a smaller company, but at one point you run into two issues: you run out of family members, and it’s difficult for our people to remember what Kathryn does and who’s in charge for the database. We wrote a post on that.

Or as @madsohm wrote: “Servers are not pets, to be named…

Best insights often come from unexpected places — that’s why they’re great. When you look at something from a new angle, your mind accepts it as new information and a new model, which it then exploits and reaps wisdom.

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Strawberries vs. Apples of Web Apps

The Trendy Strawberry

We have actually decided to move our whole corporate blog to Medium. There are a few drawbacks, but inconsequential when compared to everything we gain from it. (Need to write a post on it.)

With the design of a new website and pretty much a complete overhaul of our image — Medium and the communal approach to blogging is just one more thing we’re changing. How it will play out, we’ll see.

Using activeCollab has Been Essential to our Business and Its Growth

a Story by VA Staffer

VA Staffer has been growing at an exponential pace since we opened our…

Working with activeCollab from the Early Days — Eemagine

Written by our amazing customer and great friend Aleksandar Cocek from Eemagine

iValue Shares Their activeCollab Love with the World

Written by our amazing and loyal customer iValue from Belgium

From Solo Developer to a Team: Masuga Design’s 8 Years with activeCollab

Customer story written by Ryan Masuga from Masuga Design.

I started using activeCollab many years ago as a freelance web developer. I wanted to make my young business appear more professional to my clients, so it was important to have a solid project management system in place. It was a great…

Do You Keep Projects Open or Create a New One for Each Enhancement?

Customer story written by Brian J. Cohen from Inter Carve

I’ve been thinking about this, well, for years now. Like many software consultants, I do take on new work but the bulk of my work is enhancements and updates to previous work.