Let Freedom Run: Which Cities Are Down for 4th of July Races?

Which towns will be hosting lots of endurance athletes this holiday weekend?

Lexington, Kentucky might be best known for Bluegrass and laser printers, but the “horse capital of the world” also enjoys more than its fair share of patriotic runs, according to registration data from ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud™. This holiday weekend, the city will host more than 1,300 runners, a big number compared to the other small to medium-sized cities analyzed.

Ranking the number of ACTIVE race registrations in more than 80 towns across the U.S., Lexington came out way on top. Many of those registrations may be due to the Bluegrass 10K, an almost-40-year-old 4th of July race that drew about 2,800 finishers in 2014.

However, it’s not surprising Lexingtonians may be a particularly patriotic bunch, seeing as their city is named after the tide-turning Revolutionary War Battle of Lexington.

So, which towns and cities are hosting lots of runners this holiday weekend?

1. Lexington, Kentucky

2. Concord, California

3. Chattanooga, Tennessee

4. Fayetteville, North Carolina

5. Nashville, Tennessee

6. Colorado Springs, Colorado

7. Huntington Beach, California

8. Peoria, Arizona

9. Cleveland, Ohio

10. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Though some recognizable cities are represented on the list, with the exception of Colorado and California, none of the states are places where the endurance industry has an overall stronghold.

According to ACTIVE experts, this may be because some of these places have well-attended, hallmark events during Independence Day weekend, which are accounting for the increase. Besides Lexington’s Bluegrass 10K, Concord ranks partially because of a popular annual Stars & Stripes 5K.

Whatever the reason, for those looking to sweat it out before the barbecue and fireworks, you know exactly where to go.

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