Spy mobile software in delhi

We are India’s leading dealers in Spy Mobile Phone Software in Delhi. Our Mobile Spy PC Monitoring Software helps you to protect your interests by keeping track of all the online and offline activities of your children and employee through constantly monitoring and recording technique. Our PC Monitoring Software is equipped with latest advanced surveillance techniques that keep track of all the computing activities and transmit the data to your user account. It also secures Children and employees from Cyber-Bullying and Online threats. It monitors employees and increases efficiency, boosts productivity, meets the standards and avoids any type of unethical activities. Mobile Spy for the computer is compatible with IOS and Windows OS. It allows you to capture the screenshot of the activity in between the interval and records every keyword pressed by the subject giving you access to check what they browse on the computer. It also reveals for how long your employees or kids were active on it and keeps track of the session from start to end and store all this in the internal memory of the storage device.

Our Mobile Phone Monitoring Spy Software keeps track of one’s activities and also checks if they are involved in any kind of unethical activities and sends the information to you. It gathers data and information about a person or the organization without their consent and sends the information to another entity without letting the consumer know, it gives control and access to the computer without the consumer’s knowledge. We have the multiple chains of Cell Phone Spy Software Shop in Delhi. We deal in all types of phone monitoring software and PC monitoring software and Keylogger.