How can your Neighbors be Beneficial to you in your Daily Life?

Looking back over a couple of decades of the changing trends of neighborhood connectivity, we come up with a declining trend owing to a number of factors like changing lifestyles, fast-paced life, changes in social capital, over-dependence on technology, security concerns, urban sprawl etc. In the past, people used to have limited ways to spend their free time, women of the neighborhood used to sit on their doorsteps, gossiping and watching over their children playing in the street. But the people of the contemporary world, due to their cramped schedules and the availability of never-ending choices to spend the leisure time, have diminished the importance of neighborhood connections without which, in the past, they couldn’t get along.

Being on good terms with your neighbors and avoiding the actions that might become the source of contention for them bring numerous benefit and develop a sense of a safer, stronger, connected, harmonious and cooperative community. Here, we’ve enlisted some of the ways in which your neighbors can help you and vice versa.

Congenial Environment

Building good relationships with neighbors goes a long way toward building congenial and conducive environment. It will earn you ‘friends at your doorstep’. To be surrounded by the people who respect and love you will not only make your life easy, but will also bring you mental peace.

Protection of your Property and Possessions

Good ties with your neighbors will ease your stress of protection of your property and other possessions when you’re away. Your neighbors, who are well-acquainted with you, are mostly familiar with the people who visit your place and will easily discern a suspicious person skulking around your house and to forestall any criminal activity, they will give you a heads up. If you are out of town on your vacation and some disaster hits your house, like, your house catches fire etc., then, in such cases, you might leave a set of spare keys with your neighbors to enter your house and take steps to prevent further damage to your property and possessions. They may also water your plants and take care of your pets in your absence. An active neighborhood will remain wary of criminal activities, thus promoting a safer community that will appreciate the value of your property.

Concordant Solutions to Tackle the Problems being Confronted by the Neighbors

Good neighbors tend to eliminate the bone of contention unanimously. People often cause discomfort to their neighbors by their actions and habits. Even the issues with obstreperous neighbors can be dealt with by talking the issues out. The responsibility of repair of fences, parking issues can be tackled by win-win resolution.

Good and Affable Company

Getting along with your neighbors will get you a good company. You can sit with them on your porch for hours talking and snacking together. Your children are likely to be friends with their kids. You can shop together, walk your pets together, and plan a movie night at your place and much more.

Having Someone to Run Errands for you and for Borrowing Supplies

If you cannot get out of your place because you aren’t feeling well, you can ask for your neighbor’s help with whom you get on. They can pick up grocery for you; pick your children up from school and drop off your laundry. Your neighbors can borrow you sugar, eggs, tools, books, DVDs and even a car.

Getting along your neighbors without invading their personal space and vice versa will make your neighborhood the telltale sign of a perfect neighborhood.

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