Jealousy- A Destructive Emotion! Get up! And Knock It Down…

“Jealousy”,though it’s a mere word that is commonly found in any english dictionary, It is filled up with plenty of bitterness. A little spark of this destructive feeling in any individual’s heart is extremely normal and often fades away with the passage of time however if remains long lasting, often wedges apart the relations. Jealousy might more often be seen in adults and children, In children specially among siblings and friends, reasons can be parental love and care, comparison or competition, It’s distinct that in children this negative emotion is nevertheless damaging in any respect, It’s is temporary feeling of insecurity that develops in their innocent mind and disappears as they grow mature. Here parents’ role is very vital to assist their children overcome this downside.

In adults it hails from their insecurities, when they feel diffident concerning their self dignity, relationship, fame and more significantly about abilities.In the text of relevance,if people allow this negative feeling to overpass them, it will certainly lead to some vengeance.

In addition, jealous people hinders their ways to progress by being overly engrossed in tarnishing one’s image aside from lack of cooperation, cold shouldering and narcissistic personality may be experienced but as the matter of fact these people not only degrade themselves and but also get dispersed in the spectrum of depression, anxiety and a fear of insecurities.

Well now we all know that how dreadful the repercussions could be if the spark of jealousy becomes blaze. Thus instead going so far with it, see how can we obviate this devastating emotion

Six Simple ways to run down jealousy-

  1. Be an Optimistic Individual:- Very simple and easy way to be happy and satisfied.

2. Be Confident:-. Always believe in yourself and think what you have and what best you will be able to decipher of it.

3. Identify your Abilities:- You may have a lot more skills then others. Give yourself a time to contemplate about what you are capable of doing with the most effective outcome ,consequently try to hone your talents.

4. Broaden your horizons:- Accept new challenges and avail opportunities. Remember that you have to strive hard to demonstrate your abilities and surely your efforts won’t say unnoticed.

5. Never compare yourself:- Comparing with others makes your more pathetic and it fills you up with indignation, so If you let your mind spinning round the comparison it will perpetually get you in thinking that someone is much more capable than you. and you’d be feeling much distressed.

6. Find happiness by sharing:- Sharing is the best way to come out of stressful situation whether it is professional stress or an emotional breakdown.Once you discuss your issues together with your best friends and good colleagues they might turn up with some suggestions and ideas and eventually you get the ways to deal with, which can make you feel better.

I wrote this article to express my views about handling jealousy.This is what I personally feel to knock it down.I think my tips about it may sound very normal but I am pretty positive this would surely lead you to permanent happiness and since no longer feeling jealous.

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