Hair Transplant in Pune

Pune is a highly developed and advanced city, where you will find all types of services and facilities. It offers several treatment options, as well to people coming from other cities. It is a hub point for many people and so Hair Transplant in Pune would be the most convenient and comfortable option for one and all.Above all, the core benefit of coming to Pune for any sort of hair treatment is the provision of hair care facilities that are accredited internationally. The modern technologies and facilities used here are comparable with any other hair care centers throughout the world.

In the Active Roots technique, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one and then, are directly implanted without making any holes or slits. In some cases, they are placed immediately after extraction. This is called Protocol A and in other cases, there is a slight delay in placement after extracting the hair follicles. This is called Protocol B.

Have a review on some of the benefits of Active Roots Technique -

  • Diminished desiccation and less scarring of grafts
  • Less invasive and traumatic
  • Punches are up to a small diameter of about 0.7 to 0.85 mm, hence less marks and instant healing
  • Microscope not required and so hair follicles exposure to intense light and heat is avoided.
  • Risk of infection is very low
  • Direct implantation of grafts results into less trauma of skin, less damage to local blood supply and no scarring
  • Patient experiences no or very little tiredness.

Currently we are offering Hair Transplant in Pune which are highly cost effective and preferred option of many people. Do you know what the reason is for the same? Simple, the doctors and medical professionals here have proved their mettle throughout the world in their specialties after completion of their basic medical course. From many years back, Pune is looked upon as the most exciting alternative for Best Hair Transplant India. The main reason for preferring Pune as the destination for Hair Tourism is considerably its low cost therapy. Why select Pune for Hair Restoration? Our hair and facility qualifications are verifiable and meaningful. We boast a long medical academic tradition with strict laws that standardize hair training and qualifications. The medical and hair personnel involved in Hair Tourism speak better English. You get better price advantage ratio because of higher US vs. our local currency exchange rates. In addition, you also get better lodging facilities that are of good standard, high quality and cost-effective.