Hey, Internet: Stop Trying To Inspire Me
Jamie Varon

Hi Jamie, thanks for the call to deeper authenticity. Like many I’ve been guilty of tweeting glowing reports while hiding (or scribbling into my diary) the bad, the heartbroken and the straight-up cries for help. I’ve now made it my unofficial mission to blog the bad, the good and the ugly on Medium. And tweet that. I’ve noticed something amazing — when I open up about my difficulties, the feeling like a fraud, the lack of a wonderful man in my life, the struggle to make a go of it coaching entrepreneurs — this gives people permission to open up too, about their stuff. It erases shame. It builds a bridge. We can all get real. No more pretences. I’m curious about what prompted your blog in the first place- what made this personal to you? Did you feel ashamed “for not having it all figured out?”