Stephan Bodzin Tour Announcement

Acclaimed German DJ and producer Stephan Bodzin will return his mammoth live show to Australia for a string of festival dates around the New Year.

The Herzblut label boss will be melting faces at Lost Paradise Festival on the NSW Central Coast, and will ring in the New Year at both Beyond the Valley and Let Them Eat Cake in Victoria.

Bodzin is no stranger to Australia having last been in the country for the 2016 edition of Strawberry Fields. The same year he also played club shows in Melbourne and Sydney alongside ‘трип’ (tripping) boss-lady Nina Kraviz and US party starter MK.

Born in Bremen, Germany in the late 1960’s, Stephan Bodzin is part of a growing contingent of ultra successful live artists currently plying their trade around the globe. When interviewed by Maceo Plex (at his famed Mosaic night in Ibiza), Bodzin professed that his music is far less ‘about optimising sales’ and much more about a strong ‘product statement’.

This sentiment comes from a man who cut his teeth as a composer at several distinguished European theatres, before making the transition into producing experimental techno. This culminated in the release of his 2007 debut album ‘Liebe Ist’. Bodzin has since collaborated with the likes of Dominik Eulburg, Max Cooper, Marc Romboy and Oliver Huntemann.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a Bodzin live performance as yet you are in for a treat. The techno pioneer is known for his deeply enchanting, energetic sets that grab crowds by the proverbial balls. His 2015 track ‘Singularity’ typifies Bodzin’s commitment to creating a melodic anthem with unwavering attention to detail.

Bodzin refers to himself as an old school artist who wants to ‘make people see I’m playing, while they hear I’m playing’. As he twists and turns knobs on his personalised midi controller, Bodzin’s face and body warps to the sound of the drubbing beats –his movement infectious.

For some, this electric energy must be seen to be believed, and as we Australian’s collectively await another Stephan Bodzin sensory orgasm, we will see you on the dance floor…or loosely in German, ‘Wir sehen uns auf der Tanzfläche!

P.S — Need visual cues in order to get the juices flowing? Check out Bodzin’s epic 2015 Boiler Room set here:

Tour Dates & Tickets:

Lost Paradise 28th -31st December —

Beyond the Valley 28th- 31st December —

Let Them Eat Cake 1st Jan —

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