Hello All,

(I’ll keep this pretty short and sweet- if i can..)

Over a number of years i’ve been building an overwhelming love for music. I’m certainly obsessive about music at times, and love to be the first one to know something about an artist or lineup annoucement.

I just get this amazing feeling when i’m listening to music or researching about an artist, or hearing people tell stories of their musical adventures. The feeling i’m trying to explain is so visceral, so raw, it’s hard to put into words really, but i feel like i’m being compelled by a higher being to be involved in the music industry. I don’t typically connect with ‘spirituality’ and ‘higher beings’ but i feel as if something out of the world is pushing me towards the music industry.

Up until the last few months i hadn’t had the courage or correct mental state to freely express this desire and i was too afraid to act on. I held myself back from writing album reviews…i did start a few and threw in the towell halfway through becuase i didn’t think my writing was up to scratch. I initiated conversations with people i thought could help me in the music industry, but never followed up. I recently started playing guitar, which took me about 4 years to build the strength to actually begin! I let alot of negativity, self preservation and criticism stew inside me.

As i’ve gotten into a far better mental state over the last few months i’ve come to the decision to act upon ‘my calling’. I’ll be posting album reviews, artist interviews, lineup annoucements and commentary on music events. Hopefully these posts can reflect work i’ve had published — but they may turn out to be random collections of thoughts and private work. Who knows!

I still have plenty to learn, and this is definitely only the beginning, but i hope this can act as a launch pad for a career in the music industry (my passion is for PR, Marketing, tour/artist management and music journalism) and moreso a platform for personal expression and maybe some creativity (that i didn’t know i had inside me!)

If you read any of this, fantastic! If you don’t that is fine also. This is really just a platform for me to post everything i am working on or interested in.



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