Address Finder / Lookup From Name: The Go-To How To!

Brevi Anthos
Nov 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Address finder from name can be performed online if you use the techniques mentioned here. There are two ways to research an address. First one is when you already possess an address and you have to look up the owners information. Second is when you don’t have an address and but possess the owner’s name and need to find address by name. We’re going to discuss both in this guide but make special emphasis on address lookup by name and also talk about looking up an address lookup by phone number.

If you already have an address but no name and need property owner details. The ideal thing to do is to look up county GIS records. Just google “Your County GIS Records” and you should be able to figure out the official county site. Now if you need more information you may use a site like and execute a quick property scan. This is a very powerful search and the only way I can think of describing it is address finder/lookup on steroids.

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Address Finder.

In the case, you need an address finder from name and know what county the person in question owns a home in. You can also make use of the “Local County GIS Records” use the address lookup by name option at the county level.

Example: “Duval County Florida County GIS Records” came up with —
From the site: Maps generated using the City of Jacksonville’s Geographic Information System contain public information from various departments and agencies within the City of Jacksonville. Maps and associated information must be accepted and used by the recipient with the understanding that the primary information sources should be consulted for verification of the information contained on these maps. As such, the City of Jacksonville provides no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or reliability or suitability of this data for any other particular use.
How to use: In the instructions, there are options for many types of finders. For this example, I needed a search I can do with a name so this was the appropriate finder map it allowed me to do a search with a name for free.

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Address Lookup By Name

Just keep in mind this only works if you have a county the person in question lives in and this person is a property owner, not a renter. In the event, the address lookup by name is done on an individual who is a renter and/or general location information isn’t available like a current county or city. You’ll need to use a professional website like They have access to both public and private databases and are more capable of determining a current or even previous address by name. It’s a great resource that saves time and can be used in the event an address lookup by phone number needs to be completed.

Other options to look up someone’s address by name or phone number is to Google the individual’s name and see if you can locate a social media account or a professional work profile that may possess a street address.

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Address Lookup By Phone Number and By Name Using Google.

Let’s try using good old google finder.

To start we’re simply going to put the name in quotes.
“Joe Green”
This simply doesn’t narrow the name search down enough to be useful so let’s add additional information to narrow the search down.

Now let’s add a location if you have one.
“Joe Green” + “Minneapolis”
In some cases, this can be enough. After looking at the search I was able to locate a couple linked in profiles and other profiles which might contain an address if researched in-depth.

If additional personal information is available its possible to find address by name if you keep on narrowing down the search results. This won’t almost work but it might be worth a shot. People leave a pretty large digital footprint online these days.
“Joe Green” + “Minneapolis” + “School”
“Joe Green” + “Minneapolis” + “Place of work”
“Joe Green” + “Minneapolis” + “Something Else”

Google can also be used for an address lookup by phone number. Just type out the phone number quotes to let Google know you want it to show pages with only that phone number combination and not partial match or suggested searh results.
Example: “505–505–5555” + address

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