How our Journey Led us to Acton.

When our children were born we felt we had been gifted two souls. I still remember whit my first born, it hit me at the hospital when I first held her. It was now my responsibility to make to take care of this gift. As a looked at her tiny hands I wanted her childhood to be as perfect as she was. This sentiment that I felt, that I still do feel was not unique to me, but is one that has shaped humanity to date.

Humanity continues this transition that is not only a life making one but it is also a life giving one. This sentiment has moved us to give the next generation the best, for the simple sake of giving them the best. Which has led us to the many experiments we conduct at a household and societal level.

In short, we had kids, we were moved, we felt a sense of responsibility, if we can give they best, why not?

We didn’t want to mold our children in our form, we wanted to mold them in perfect forms they came in. Our purpose was not to make them functioning adults, although quite important. We wanted to assist them in finding their purpose and then realizing their potential.

A large part of this is education, so we began experimenting.

First up, homeschooling. We thought we could educate our kids better than anybody else. We found a local homeschooling groups. We made some great friends and were able to get involved with a community of like-minded parents. For those who have success at it, it is great, but we were not able to.

Second, public school, the one right up the street. The school we enrolled our kids into is a destination school. The real estate agents have a name for the system which they tell us is sought after.

After the school year started we got some news. Not to our surprise, according to metrics our kids “behind” in their development. As predicted, they began catching up a quick pace. But, we also noticed they would come home frustrated. They were making a bunch of new friends, but their self-confidence was waning. We were creating a community again but found other parents less engaged. More than anything, they were in a temple of growth, but they began coming home with bad habits.

Third, Acton Academy.

Acton — Disruptive Education

The experiments to date led us yearning for more. We found out our friend out of state was opening a school called Acton. We were curious and just pulled up the website. We looked it, our jaws dropped. It was unbelievable. A system that integrated the best of many other systems to support our kids Hero’s Journey. Eureka, we found it, right? It was great, but the closest one was an hour away. So what did we do? We packed up and moved, we uprooted the family. You should have seen the grandparents face, they were concerned and optimistic (one more optimistic than the other). After reminding them they moved halfway across the world to give us a better life, what’s in an hour?

So we did it, we moved and enrolled them. The proof’s in the pudding right? Well the pudding was good. Our kids flourished. Their confidence shot up, they were learning faster than ever, no homework, a total win-win. More importantly, they were happy when they came home, education was no longer robbing them of their childhood. Because of this one year, they now believe they are supposed to have a purpose in life, they believe they can change the world.

Fourth, Starting our own.

When our kids were born, they kicked off our Hero’s Journey. We had no idea we would have moved to enroll them in a incredible school. That was it though, we had to move away from home. So we decided to start one, move home and give access to this incredible style of education to others.

Our kids are now our heroes. Starting a business is tough, but we’ve done it, starting a school is tougher. We have learned a lot, we have learned there are a lot of regulations in place to protect the next generation, which is expected. Navigating the whole system has been hard, sometimes discouraging. Our children are the ones who have been giving us moral support, encouragement and motivation, they are now guiding us through this chapter of our hero’s journey

It has been a great journey for our children, my wife and myself. We are grateful to our kids, parents, family, friends, community, the Sandefers, and the Divine.

If we can give better, why not?

Check out our Acton Academy, Acton Academy of Oakland County

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