The issue of recoveries from comas and vegetative states raise some important theological questions regarding the ethics and doctrines regarding life, death and existence in between.

In the past, death was registered when the cardio-vascular system fails. Today, it is brain-death that is more important, since we are now able to mimic the heart’s function as a PUMP, with mechanical devices. While it is possible to keep the brain artificially alive, there is no way to mimic its function as the MIND.

It also raises the question of how badly those of us who say be believe in an AFTERLIFE really wants to let go of this one … I don’t buy the lame excuse often given that God wants us to hang around here to do some good deed and that is why we survived. In the age of modern medicine, most of us survive because we fight tooth and nail not to let nature take its course and very often, at the expense of our competitors for medical aids who cannot match our economic resources. …


Ron Choong

I am an independent, interdisciplinary investigator of the geohistory and philosophy of science and religion

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