Taxonomy and Folksonomy on Pinterest

This image is taken by @actuallyhark is licensed under CC by 4.0 Created in CANVA

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? It’s great for gathering and developing ideas and sharing your findings, but has it ever come across your mind — How does Pinterest work?

So, if you’re a regular user of the app, then you probably know the basics — when you first make an account, you are asked to provide your interest so the website can collect a few images to your taste. The categories range from the general category of Food to a more specific topic, such as Twilight saga.

As soon as you create an account, you are asked to select topics you are interested in which the app then collates images to your taste.

You then can browse the many images that people have posted within these categories and ‘Pin’ them to your own unique board. However, what if you wanted to post something? How will you get your images noticed by others? Well, lucky for you I have researched this and here are my findings…

The algorithm of Pinterest

When you first log onto Pinterest, you would first see the arrangement of the photos the app has chosen for you. How would they have chosen these posts? Do they hand-picked their favourite ones? The ones that take their fancy? No, that would not only be biased, but somewhat selfish(?) They simply pick the photos that have received the most ‘pins’ (people who have saved that image). related images and a few pins from your own interest. The photo above from Persuasion Nation website shows this perfectly.

When you log into Pinterest, you will see an array of images that are all of your interest.

The categories you select can be categorised as taxonomies as they were generated by the site, as well as the order of the pinned tweets displayed on you feed (pictures above). The folksonomies are the images you pin, the hashtags you type and the timing that you choose to post as these factors all dependent on yourself.

Now you know how Pinterest works, there are also some more aspects you need to be aware of when wanting to reach audiences…

  1. The best time to post on the app is from 8pm to 10pm (according to
  2. Credit your sources and type up a short description and add a few hashtags.

3. Try not to go overboard with your posts, don’t post them all at once!