Consider Offboarding: Letting Users Leave In Peace
Andres Cuervo

Hey Lenny, thanks for your feedback, and I completely agree with your comment (and I like your middle ground suggestion, preset times for leave would be a reasonable move). I didn’t acknowledge it in my piece because I think it’s implied, as the rapid and aggressive expansion of Facebook has evidenced, they are—above all things—a business in a capitalist economic framework, and a massively successful one at that! I still think it’s good to call out manipulative design when one see’s it, especially because I hadn’t seen this exact screen discussed before, but I also think it’s important to bring up this issue less as a call for Facebook to do something different, and more as an exercise in what to avoid. Hopefully we can make tech that can achieve varied goals, some of which may be fighting against each other (usability and user count, in this case), and I’d like to encourage people to think of empathy and diversity as a couple goals to prioritize.

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