Immunity Elixir - Health & Wellness Shot

An elixir is defined as “an alchemic preparation capable of prolonging life”.

Each ingredient contains powerful inflammation fighting agents:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar - induces energy burst, aids in digestion, contains detoxifying & alkalizing (PH balancing) properties, blasts bloat, vitamin C reduces effects of stress & inflammation, boosts immune system!
  2. Lemon - detoxifies & alkalizes, purifies blood, aids in weight loss, improves brain functioning — focus & memory, improves skin & hair health, remedies sore throat, overall immunity booster!
  3. Ginger - anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, relieves digestive ailments!
  4. Turmeric - contains powerful medicinal properties, anti inflammatory, antioxidant dense, boosts brain functioning, aids in preventing degenerative diseases (cancer, alzheimer’s, etc), eases symptoms of arthritis, & helps combat depression!
  5. Honey - antibacterial, antifungal, sore throat, cold relief, so YUM — great alternative to unnatural sweeteners.
  6. Cayenne Pepper - detoxifying agent - stimulates circulation & helps eliminate acidity, aids digestion rhythm, antibacterial properties, spikes metabolism, supports weight loss, relieves migraine & joint pain!

Why should these natural remedies be implemented into our self-care routine? My stance: FUEL the FREQUENCY you desire to emanate. Vitality. Clarity. Focus. Passion. Radiance. Nourish your body so that you can function at your utmost capacity.

Each ingredient included in the Immunity Elixir can contribute to the transformation of your health and quality of life. NOURISH your body, and in turn, your mind and soul.

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