“Live life like a flame; a dance of purposeful chaos”…..

The Power of a Life Led by Intent

In reality, I don’t wake up every morning feeling on top of the world. Some days I have to FIGHT for that high. Amidst the madness that sometimes surrounds us in this beautiful life, it’s easy to get swept up in our daily TO DO lists, societal pressures as to who we SHOULD BE, & getting stuck in survival mode. Life begins to pass us by, as complacent & lackluster days push us to wonder…. is this LIFE?

Throughout the duration of my lowest- LOW I realized that functioning on AUTO PILOT… gave my power away. My happiness was dependent on extrinsic things. Things out of my control. Thus, I would REACT by default to my circumstances & other people. I felt empty & attempted to fill that void of a lacking self worth all the wrong ways. Beating myself up with a residual self disgust was the aftermath of my poor decisions.

I was a ticking time bomb & had reached my threshold with toxic distractions & disingenuous people, SO I took a hard look in the mirror. One of the most powerful mental notes I have ever encountered was that EACH moment is an opportunity to feel however YOU want to feel. I have the capacity to CREATE my own REALITY.

I could choose to beat myself up for the mistakes of yesterday, but I am learning to CHOOSE a different mental route. I choose to BREATHE & to be grateful for the BEAUTY in my life. I choose to push my body daily, to SWEAT & clear my head. I choose to exercise my mind by RESCRIPTING unhealthy thought patterns. By reading books that give me tools & insight further down this road of SELF love & DISCOVERY. I am now focused on seeing MY aspirations through, whether they be personal or career oriented. FOCUS on developing every facet of you.. physical, mental, emotional….for they are all INEXTRICABLY tied.

If you were to wake up with the THOUGHT that each day was an opportunity to CREATE your masterpiece… to leave your mark on this EARTH… what would you do? Go and DO that. Go and BE that. Everything that you desire to accomplish or desire to FEEL resides within YOU. Check in with yourself & take responsibility for your thoughts & actions. Are you living life by your own design? YOU only get ONE…..

Try applying deliberate JOY to your daily mental practice. Along with gratitude. Be TRUE to yourself and pursue self INTEGRITY. Life is not all fun & games, SHOW UP when you don’t feel like it. A great sense of self empowerment is EARNED when you hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE. Especially when NOBODY is watching. GIVE every day ALL you’ve got. Figure out which purpose will light that fire within yourself and FOCUS your energy into fanning the intensity& depth of that FLAME.

I didn’t know where to start… I just BEGAN taking steps in the direction of things that excite me. My life is transforming & it is LIBERATING. I am transforming. When you send love & LIGHT & creativity out into the universe it will swing back around to you, as will like minded PEOPLE whom INSPIRE and SUPPORT you. ALIGN with your source. FIND fulfillment.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” (Deepak Chopra)

Take that LEAP of FAITH & do not resist change, embrace it. Energy flows where intention goes. Be kind to yourself as you embark on this invigorating road of self MASTERY. When you fall, get right back up & BE better. The moment is now. YOU are power, YOU are light, YOU are love. ACT on life, do not let life act on you.