To Beard, or Not To Beard?

Love the beard? Hate the beard? Want to have a say in my beard’s future, and fight #Cancer at the same time?

Thousands of you have shared opinions about it, and several have been very strong. They have also been very strong in both directions. So, I’m going to let all of you put your money where your mouth is. Winner takes all.

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I was wearing a hat. My head’s not usually this red.

Where the Money Goes

Each dollar you vote will be donated in equal shares to a Leukemia-Lymphoma related charity in honor of my son, Logan, who survived Leukemia, and my mother, Rosemary, who is currently battling non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Rosemary wants her funds to be donated to the June E. Nylen Cancer Center where she is receiving her treatments. Logan has chosen Special Love Inc., an organization that hosts summer camps and other events for children with cancer and their siblings.

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Tame the Beard
Beard Navy Sea Captain Pilot Old Time
Keep the Beard
Monterey Shave Couple Redhead sexy cold steel
Shave the Beard

How To Vote

Follow this link to our Square store to vote. To have more influence on the outcome, simply change the quantity to cast more than one vote.
 $1 = 1 Vote
 $10 = 10 Votes
 $100 = 100 Votes, if you feel that strongly about the beard or cancer.

So, like it or hate it, put your money where your mouth is and express your opinion. Voting will continue until Memorial Day. Whichever category raises the most cancer-fighting dollars determines whether these luxurious (prematurely) silver whiskers stay or go.

Originally published at A.C. Wibe.

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