Transition have you Feeling Underwater?

Change happens to everyone; finding a successful strategy to deal with transition and change is the key to personal growth and lasting personal success.

Every road heads in a different direction. When you’re facing a turn, how can you be sure you’re going the right way? GPS makes navigation pretty easy. Before that, we all kept maps in our car to know how to find the right turn. Life doesn’t come with maps, so we have to make decisions as we go along. Or do we?

know your road during transition and change
“Maybe I should have gone the other direction.”

Life happens. Things change. Obstacles get in the way, and things don’t always turn out the way we planned. Sometimes, the road is blocked and we need to find a way around. Other times the road ends, and we have to deal with going backwards before we can continue on.

Coaching helps you decide which way to turn when there’s a fork in the road, the river rises around you, or when you’re in over your head. It is a method and a system that doesn’t tell you the answers, but helps you discover them. No one knows the future, so we can’t create a map. However, we can work together to pick your destination and help you find the roads to get where you want to go (and avoid the detours that lead you off your path.)

Call or write me today if you are facing a change or transition that you can’t seem to solve. Special pricing is currently available for Military members transitioning to civilian life, Career-changing adults, and Millennial College graduates looking to define their career.

Originally published at A.C. Wibe.