‘Knowmad Life’ helps you meet and know a random nomad

Adithya Shreshti
Oct 16, 2017 · 3 min read
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The Internet has made the world a smaller place, a place where you can work from anywhere or meet anyone. However, there wasn’t a lot scope for digital nomadism until a few years ago.

Now, many have realized the value of earning money sitting in a cubicle versus earning more while exploring the world and having an adventurous nomad lifestyle. Of course, it has its ups and downs, but there are certain things that you have to sacrifice to live a life worth living and looking back.

So how about a way to connect with digital nomads with a little essence of randomness? Where you can know how nomads spend their time, apps and tools they use, know must-visit places which many people have not explored yet or anything else for that matter.

That’s when Knowmad Life comes into the picture.

💻 🎒 Knowmad Life helps you do what’s mentioned above, it facilitates a connection between two nomads to exchange thoughts and ideas, also help each other.🌏

Here’s how it works: A simple three step process

👉🏻 Step 1: Fill up the ‘Sign up’ form with your details, choose your interests, select the platform you prefer (initially, it will be an email introduction).

Please note: specific details are mandatorily required to verify the authenticity of signups. However, it will not be shared with anyone.

👉🏻 Step 2: After verification, you will be introduced to each other, via email.

👉🏻 Step 3:We have sparked it up, and you will fire it. Begin having a conversation with the other person. It can be about life as a nomad, know how easy/difficult was the visa process, places you have been to or would like to go, cuisines or food to try or even collaborate on your next project or anything else that you would like to know.

Optional: Drop us a message after a week’s conversation with your match. Share your feedback about your recent match and suggestions, if any. It will help us build the best digital nomad community and help everyone move towards a better nomadic lifestyle.

Knowmad Life is an exciting platform because you will always be curious to know who your next match would be, add to that the aspect of randomness — because you will not know which place that nomad is from or what he is up to until you are introduced to each other.

Are you excited to know whom you would be introduced to? Head to Knowmad Life to get started.

This is my first weekend projects that I worked on and am sharing it with the world. Do share it with your nomad friends and folks who are dreaming 😉 of becoming digital nomads (aspiring digital nomads) — Knowmad Life may help them find a friend who can guide them.

Thanks to Ryan Hoover for creating a community like Product Hunt, that inspires to build something new and help discover amazing products and brilliant folks and also to Ben Tossell for his idea of creating and building startups even if you aren’t coder or developer.

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