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What keeps you updated in IT.

With the widespread of ’N’ numbers of technology in the current era, all the IT engineers should aware of this world. What's New, What should be abandoned from use, How to keep themselves up to date. Everything is required. Sitting at the office working on your task is not the only thing one should do always. Take out some time to have your brain update as like software update.

I am listing out some websites that help anyone to get inspired, to learn, to understand the latest trends and technologies.

1. Twitter

I know you will not take me seriously by my first point itself but I found ‘Twitter’ very beneficial to get you updated. You just have to keep your profile as a ‘Focussed’ profile, I mean to say that tweet only about your interest, follow the people/community who belongs to your nature of work that's it and you are good to go. Get your self up to date by following trends and happenings in IT.


If you are a fond lover of tutorial websites, then is the best place to learn from. Consist of all the materials related to many fields, IT, Design, Business, Personal Development, etc. Go to this site and boost up your brain. You have to log in from your mail ID. It is a paid site, you have to pay for courses, however, some techniques are there to take courses as free but they will not provide you the certificate for that course.


Here it is, the library of tutorials. This is the website contains lists of Udemy tutorials and benefit is that you can download it as free. It is similar to torrent but just for tutorials.

4. SmashingMagazine

A magazine for designers. Visit this website for the articles, books, events, jobs, etc. related to the designers.

5. Medium

Last but the important one, read the blog from Medium, a website for geek of their interest. With large categories of wings of works, people share their thoughts, experience, and work. This is something very interesting one should land to this website every day. Medium — A daily dose of thoughts from various fields.


It is easy to criticize that you are not learning from surroundings but I believe that learning should be the habit. Don't wait for a person who can teach you, believe in yourself and start learning.

Don’t underestimate the power of the INTERNET.