A Thread by 3Days 3Nights - How to unrig an election

The first thing you need to know was that there was a counter coup planned, or at that point, just a coup. If you know your history this is the perfect scenario for the bankers, elites and mafia. They get to play both sides. Use the media. Prospects bleak …
War is their game.
Money they have — can print unlimited quantities of paper.
Corporations they own, lot’s of suits to do your bidding
Comms — well you’ve got a “smart” phone don’t ya — the spy in your pocket.
Media is their bread and butter -that’s a lock

EpisQode 659: Information Waterfall- “Justice”

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EpisQde 656: “It’s More Than Just”

Our favorite anon lays out how the bad guys crimes are more than just… so many ways they tried to take down our country, it was an infiltration.
Tucker Tweet/Video
New way forward act Summary PDF
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