5 Reasons your Leads Just Aren’t That Into You

Let’s be honest, a few of the most difficult things in life are dating, relationships and finding new customers for your small business. Some of us are hopeless romantics and some of us are hopelessly unattached, but in the end we’re all looking to connect with people. Just like a budding romance, growing and nurturing leads for your business can be tricky. You don’t want to come on too strong, but you want to remind them that you’re the real deal. We came up with a few reasons you might be striking out.

1) You’re forgettable

Before you think about wasting your money on acquring new customers with paid advertising, be sure you have something that your audience will care about. The biggest factor on what determines the number of clicks is the way your ad looks. If you can’t capture the eyes of your audience, than you’re not going to capture their business either. Excite your readers by adding a great Call to Action and using high resolution images. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered; check out our article on the 10 Commandments of Facebook Advertising.

2) You’re pushy

Yes — the first rule of them in sales is you have to ask for the sale, but take your time. Focus on showing what problem you solve first. Depending on your business offering incentives like coupons or free trials is a great way to let your leads sample your service with limited risk.

3) You don’t follow up in time

Picture it: you finally have your crush’s phone number… when do you follow up? We hope you wouldn’t send a text months later to ask for a date, so why would you do that to a lead? The longer you wait to follow up with your leads, the less attached they become, making it easier for them to forget about you. Don’t let them be in the position to ask themselves, “when did i sign up for this..?” Play your cards right and set up an autoresponder (note: please don’t apply this part to your dating life). An autoresponder will trigger an email immediately after a contact is added to your email list, welcoming them to the business. Make sure to continue this communication on a consistent basis, whether it be biweekly/monthly/etc. In order to keep your contacts engaged and in the loop.

4) You’re coming on too strong

Just because your leads gave you permission to email them, doesn’t mean they were looking for daily or even hourly communications. Bombarding them with emails will only make you look clingy and leads will ultimately pull away/unsubscribe.

5) You try to buy them over

Paul McCartney was onto something when he wrote “Can’t Buy Me Love!” Purchased leads are a quick fix to solving your consumer count, but most can be dead upon arrival. Buying them will work in the short term, but can ultimately lead to high unsubscribe rates, complaints, and a bad reputation. According to Ringlead, it costs $1 to prevent a bad lead, $10 to correct it, and $100 to do nothing. We recommend curating your own leads with Facebook’s new lead ad or a signup form at your place of business, the value will prove itself. You want to build a relationship with your lead, earn their trust, and hopefully build a lifetime of purchased transactions together.


One of the most rewarding relationships you can have is with your customers. They’re tough to gain and easy to lose, which makes it one of the most difficult to maintain. The secret is work hard to catch their eye, work together to solve a need and communicate. The truth is this: love doesn’t pay the bills — your customers do.

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