See how happy those leads are? SO HAPPY.

Lead Nurturing– The 10 Step Guide

So you published your Facebook ad and your new leads are imported into a fresh email list. Awesome! The world is now your oyster.

Now what?

It’s time to nurture. Teach them why your business is the best. Make their decision to buy from YOU the easiest one they will make all day.

1. Send them a welcome email to thank them for signing up. Right away, they’ll get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

2. Have a special offer in mind? Leads need a reason to convert. They need that bait to hook them onto your business.

3. Stay in front of the lead. Think about what is relevant to new potential customers. Information that is sent to existing customers should be different than what is sent to new leads.

4. Teach them about your business. What sets you apart from the competition? Is it your business history? Unique products? Whatever it is, tell your story so they fall in love.

5. Be clear about your pricing. Make sure your new leads understand the businesses pricing structure. Sure, it’s great they have taken advantage of a special offer. However, if it involves commitment from the lead for a future purchase make sure that cost is clear.

6. Get personal by targeting your leads individually. Include their name or something that’s specific to their interests or personality.

7. Reach out and call someone. This is an important step that goes beyond just sending an email. If the lead has a question, they might not know or think to reach out.

8. Simplify communication. Schedule a call with someone who is unsure. Even just keeping an available phone number posted on the website might help close the loop.

9. Remain consistent with information and pricing. Keep the lead connected to the same account rep whenever possible. This helps to foster the relationship between the business and the lead.

10. Educate. Teach your leads about your industry. That way, they feel more in the know about what they signed up for.

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