ADA signs an agreement with Glovo to become their content provider for EMEA and LATAM regions

ADA Food & Drink Videos
Sep 26 · 2 min read

In September, Ukrainian provider of video content, ADA announced that they have partnered with Spanish delivery service Glovo to become their provider of video content in EMEA and LATAM regions and help them to expand into new markets. This partnership will help ADA to become one of the most reliable providers of video content for Food & Beverage industry and help Glovo to strengthen their positions on the new markets.

When Glovo entered Ukrainian market, they teamed up with ADA to get their share of an already competitive market. ADA provided Glovo with videos of dishes from popular Ukrainian restaurant and Glovo launched their campaigns. As a result, Ukrainian market became one of the fastest growing markets and this campaign showed great results in terms of engagement and conversion rates.

After such a success, both companies decided to partner up for Glovo’s global campaigns in the EMEA and LATAM regions, where Glovo wants to increase their market share. It is known that ADA will provide videos for two categories, Restaurants and Groceries. With the help of ADA, Glovo wants to attract more customers and especially focus on their grocery segment.

We are excited to partner up with Glovo and become their video content provider. In today’s market, video content is more valuable than ever. Companies who realise it, need a lot of high-quality and professional content in short time in order to adapt to new trends and markets. We strive to provide the best content in the shortest possible time and help other businesses to grow, “ said Slava Melnyk, Creative Director of ADA.

Appealing food content is extremely important for Glovo, as it is referring to one of the key business branches — food delivery. Creative materials produced by ADA are very different from the ones that we have seen before, they focus on the dish as a masterpiece and always find “special moments” even in a very simple food. It is highly appreciated by our customers, which reflects in our business results.” said Maryna Pavliuk, Marketing Manager of Glovo Ukraine.

About ADA:

ADA is a Ukraininan start-up, founded in 2018 which offers customizable videos for the Food & Beverage industry. Their professional video marketing helps restaurants, cafes, online deliveries, brands and other food and drink businesses to connect with customers and increase revenue.

About Glovo:

Glovo is a Spanish start-up, founded in 2015 which allows users to order food, groceries and more through their mobile application. Currently, Glovo operates in 28 countries and more than 150 cities and has more than 5.5 million unique users and 16,000 associated partners. The company strives to be a lifestyle app, where people who live in the city can order anything and have it delivered in 60 minutes.

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