2 Safe Positions to Have Sex with Your Sex Dolls

A lot of people buy sex dolls simply because they are trying to fulfill a certain fantasy they have in their head. On the other hand, some people buy this because they don’t have a girlfriend they can lose their cherry to. Whatever the reason for buying Sex Dolls, there is no changing the fact that it is one of the best sex toys ever made available in the market.

Out of the plethora of choices you can buy online, it is better to choose life size silicon sex dolls. After all, having sex with it feels closer to real flesh compared to the other materials. By just heating it up to the right temperature before sex, it will feel like you are having sex with a real girl.

Once this has been delivered to your home, you can now lose your cherry. The first thing that you have to do is decide what position you feel like having sex with.

Here are the three safe positions that you should be able to use when having fun with the doll.

1. Missionary Style

The missionary position is the easiest position for beginners since they can just easily slide inside. If you have a quality Silicone Sex Doll, you’ll be able to position this nicely and with less resistance unlike that silicone baby doll for free you can find online. Support the legs though to ensure it doesn’t move around awkwardly during the act.

2. Doggy Style

If you want deeper penetration in real-life sex, you’ll most likely go for doggy style. The same style can be used if you are making love to life size silicone sex dolls. Position your doll on all-fours, with her bottom raise up. Prop up some pillows if necessary to achieve the right height you need to penetrate deeper.

These are the safest position to have sex with, especially when you are doing it with Silicone Sex Doll. Of course, there are still many other positions that can be enjoyed. You just need to experiment and find one that you personally find the most comfortable.

Do take care when doing the act though to avoid hurting yourself and damaging this. Take note that you have to warm up this to the right temperature, arrange to the right position, and lubricate properly. You can have more fun with your doll when you see you do the proper preparations before having sex.

Article Source:http://xxdoll.wikispaces.com/2+Safe+Positions+to+Have+Sex+with+Your+Sex+Dolls

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