Nine Months In

We are the ninth month of the year and through financial I have survived. After having left my office job in December, failing to launch my first startup in January, not gaining funding for another startup in May, and running completely out of cash some light shine through.

Tijuana shall be my new home.

The 1.5 months I spent in TJ (May-June) have taught me lots. I was made aware of my ignorance of the world in which I am so eager to be a part of. From my time at the Mind my lack of success of reuniting funding was not the most important, but the fact that I made good friends there. After looking for the last two years someone who would be willing to do software projects with me, I have finally found one.

Erick seems to be the cofounder I have been looking for, smart, young, and ambitious. Ambition is the hardest trait among my counterparts, or maybe I have not looked hard enough. It is more than wanting to own a Tesla, or a Beemer, it is the insatiable drive to change the world beyond personal economic interests.

Having launched Zehn FC this past August has made me grow lots and my thinking process has been upgraded. Although no financial output is yet noticeable, I think I have managed to challenge myself into taking risks.

It has been my third try; it worked.

Today, I spent time with friends and a good amount of productive business talk was made. The new project which now includes Erick and Jesus might just be the startup to get me of the ground. The one that takes us to a different ecosystem, to the place where doers are. This place I have only seen in dreams and in times of brainstorming. The place were products like the iPhone is made; btw a heck of feel of such device in the hand, such quality never before felt.

To think and see things what others don’t a reason to boast is not but to make for the better of humanity.

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