ADAB Solutions` Business Advisor made an appeareance on Dubai International Blockchain Summit 2018

Dubai International Blockchain Summit was held on 9th august 2018. Many speakers from all over the world have participated in the conference, talked about their companies and shared some insights with other business enthusiasts.

One of our project advisors Ali Al Khamis has presented ADAB Solutions on the Dubai International Blockchain Summit on 9th august 2018. In his speech, he has mentioned the FICE project and it`s uniqueness. Also, mentioned the future potential of ADAB Solutions to compete with other major exchanges in the world, following the highest regulations. According to Ali Al Khamis, there are a lot of “scam “ projects in the field right now, whose primary goal is to engage more of a small investors. And there is not much behind this kind of projects, since they are not bringing much value to the society, per se. There is a lack of good projects in blockchain at the moment, and it should be changed by 2020.
As for ADAB Solutions, according to Ali Al Khamis, this is the platform bringing the reality and honesty into the world. This is the platform that will bring people together and contribute to the society.
Ali Al Khamis- Business Development Advisor in ADAB Solutions. Mr. Al-Khamis earned a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston’s Suffolk University, and followed it with a Master’s degree in financial economics from Boston University. Having honed his financial skills at Emirates NBD and later his CRM skills at DIFC, he has an in-depth knowledge of asset management and portfolio evaluation. Mr. Al-Khamis spent many years working with government organizations in Abu Dhabi, and has helped entities such as KIZAD to enhance their customer service and foster stronger customer relations.

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