ADABCRYPTO(Crypto news portal and forum)


One of the most important features of our project is the execution of company operations in accordance with the Islamic management model, which supplements the generally accepted standards of business management.

All this, will contribute to the fact that our company will provide valid and reliable information to the Muslim community about the cryptocurrency market, will carry out an explanatory mission, and facilitate the involvement of the Muslim community in the cryptocurrency market.

Understanding this problem encourages us to create not only an exchange, but also a forum and a portal offering a comprehensive solution.

On the sixth stage of the roadmap, work begins on the creation of AdabCrypto (News Portal & Forum).

Crypto-currency forum is a platform where users will find news, reviews of crypto-currencies and exchanges, other crypto enthusiasts like themselves and discuss the crypto news.

The essence of the forum is to create a platform where users can create topics regarding the crypto world, discuss all the implications and tendencies of the crypto industry. On forums and portals like this, people can find information, they will not be able to find anywhere else. Because on the forums people share their own experiences and points of view regarding the crypto market.

Users can comment on the stated topic, ask questions about it and receive answers, as well as answer the questions of other forum users themselves and give them advice. Questions and answers are saved in the forum database, and in the future can be useful to forum participants and any Internet users who can visit the forum, knowing the site address, or getting it from search engines when searching for information.

The development of AdabCrypto (News Portal and Forum) is scheduled for October 2018(see the roadmap).

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