Nick Cannon Visits South Bronx Community High School (SBC)

Cannon Discusses the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement with a group of Minority Students From the Bronx

Cannon poses for a picture with the ninth graders at South Bronx Community Charter High School (SBC).

Travis Delancey-Goodman and other staff at the South Bronx Community Charter High School (SBC) never thought their reach out to Nick Cannon would’ve been heard. After a few phone calls President of Black Lives Matter NY, Hank Newsome was able to pull some strings and Get Nick Cannon to come visit the High School.

SBC isn’t your ordinary high school. Wish Just one year under their wing, the high school is only schooling ninth graders this year, and will grow each year with the in coming of new students.

They are located on the third, fourth, and fifth floor of Boricua College on Washington Ave. Although their space is limited, mentors and teachers at SBC have made it their mission to provide these students with a limitless education.

As the elevator doors opened on the 5th floor, I saw a room full of thirteen and fourteen year olds rocking their “Black Lives Matter” hoodies and barely able to contain their excitement.

Mentor Travis Delancey-Goodman say’s “I can’t believe he’s [Nick Cannon] actually coming to see our students today.” Goodman also talks about how much it means for a strong Black Lives Matter activist, such as Cannon, to come speak to his students and inspire them to be great no matter obstacles in life.

14 year old Jennifer Hernandez is loving the unusually education she’s receiving at SBC. Hernandez says, “The school is weird, but in a good way. It’s small now, but that’s better for us because we all have a bond with all our teachers. They not only help us with our school work, but with any problem we have outside of school.”

Jada Artis (Left) and Jennifer Hernandez (Right)

Jada Artis is 15 years old and has always looked up the Nick Cannon as a role model. She says, “he has always stood up for the black Community, and I think it is important for Black stars who have a platform to speak for the black communities all over America.”

As Jada, Jennifer and I sat in the hallway talking, Nick Cannon and his people stepped off the elevator. The expression on the students faces were priceless. It was truly amazing to see the effect Cannon had on these kids.

While Speaking to the students, Cannon mention the importance of being the voice in the community that these kids live in. Every voice counts.

Cannon has made it his agenda over the last few months to speak up against social issues, such as police brutality. His Visit to the South Bronx Community Charter high school impacted the students in a big way.

We have to inspire the next generation of Black Lives Matter activist to want to change the world around them. With his visit to the South Bronx, Cannon is installing confidence and motivation for these kids to be the voice in their society.

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