Creating my own tag

This tag I wear, proud, sure, cocky and arrogant has become my finely earned crown, Set, earned so fiercely and graciously like a goddess who has conquered her galaxy.

This sticker, gummed to my name to run off my essence, to clear away the many thread of wins and courage of my forbears inked into my gene through decades of silent screams immolated by their oblation

I’m not your modern girl. I’m the replica of my mother’s relic. The unfolding story of centuries of her truth, caged, forged and submerged in history of censored and broken…

How to get things done.

We have been conditioned by society to take in more, volunteer more, accept more roles, receive the accolades of jack of all trade, master of none. We are quick to judge those who refused to take on more task or role than they are capable of handling as uncooperative, but what we fail to understand is that in this age of internet, e-meetings and virtual business, a lot of people are piling on more work than they have the capacity to handle. People are volunteering to listen more to others, share ideas and help people…

“Everyone’s holding their ticket, hoping they are the ones with the lucky number. How would we know if we don’t dress up and show up?”

It’s what I did this year I’m grateful I took a chance at happy, wild and free living.

Like every serious minded person out there, I had plans and in all honesty fun wasn’t part of the deal for me, but somehow it found me and I embraced it Wholeheartedly. I had plans that were thwarted due to COVID19 and of-course Nigeria’s inefficiency. Sure. …



Women rose and they became the off shoot of seeds our mothers buried in tears, they sprung up in their hundreds and thousands charging men to be men again, demanding cowards to take a bow. They became the voice we have been waiting for, the soil that nurtured our pain into gain, our fears into dares. These women birthed a fiery Nation, and we were proud anew to be called 🇳🇬 Nigeria.

They called forth women and they rose in their numbers, they invoked the spirit of our departed matriarchs, lost daughters and the soul of our…

She rocked the boat — A —10 year lesson of loss

Picture by @NAC

When I was little , I use to wish my mum was more tolerant of people’s nastiness, I use to wish, she would just accept people’s foolishness, be quiet about it and just shrug it off.

As I grew older. I’ve come to know better. Here’s me apologizing to my mum.

Mama, I’m sorry for not supporting your choice to rocking the boat, I’m sorry for always asking and wishing you to choose quiet in the face of oppression. I’m so sorry for taking the side…


Photo by @NAC

The constant reminder that society demands women to be seen and not heard, to cover up, show less grace, dream little and pander to men in order to be respected is tiring.

If one dares to ask for more, assert one’s self, show knowledge, you become a likely target of abuse, be it verbal, emotional or physical one. …


Find your circle of truth, the true friends who are honest with you and can look you in the eyes and help you confront yourself even when the world keeps dancing at your tune and making themselves oh yes around your command, you need your circle of truth to hold you accountable to your actions, making sure they match your words, those ones who see you for who you truly are. …

Most of us go through life like people owe us. You know, we have a warped idea about how we expect people to be there for us. So we demand attention, we place an unnecessary obligation on people to applaud us for little things like dancing. We expect people to provide for us and when we ask without recourse to if they can afford it. We judge people by how much or how little they gift us things.

We ask people to either be this to us or not be available at all. So when we attend to people, at…


On my last vacation, I traveled to Italy and while shopping, I saw a beauty shop, so I decided to go searching for a body butter if I could get one. A tall pleasant lady came to me to talk me through their products, they are handmade and one can actually test them to decide what products best suites their skin. Her question to me was, what’s your beauty routine like? I couldn’t answer

Adaeze Nwankwo

I’m a writer, poetry blogger, travel enthusiast, retail banker, feminist, Tv producer and photography stylist. When I’m not dancing, I like to read.

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