The perfect venue

Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash

Choosing an event venue is surely one of the most difficult and important decision an event professional has to make. The venue choice has the ability to make or mar the event. Venue costs take a large chunk out of the budget for an event and the date for the event is also dependent on the availability of the venue. Your budget, event type and number of guests are usually the key factors to choosing a venue. Asides these well-known factors, there are other important factors that we should consider when choosing a venue.

  • Budget — Most times, because of the nature of our owambes and the number of people that will be attending our events especially the social ones, we tend to look for large venues that can accommodate every one, hence, depleting our budget to a large extent. We should know the number of persons we want at our event and make sure the selected venue sits within our budget for a venue.
  • Type of event — The type of event will determine the venue. Open, natural or rustic spaces may be ideal for a wedding or a party. Rooms and halls will be appropriate for workshops, meetings, conferences and weddings as well.
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  • Ambience — Pay attention to the venue details. Some venues will require a lot of decorations while a few others will require minimal. Ask for pictures of past events held at the venue so you look at the usual set up and decorations that have worked with the venue’s architectural design.
  • Kitchen — Some venues have their chefs and caterers and would insist on you using them while others provide a kitchen for the vendors to prepare their food and also a place for them to clean up plates and other utensils. So depending on what you choose to use, look out for a kitchen.
  • Tables and chairs — Look out for what comes with the venue fee. Most venues provide banquet, plastic or chiavari chairs and tables and provide sources of renting whatever else you would need.
  • Set up and Cleanup Crew — The availability of these set of people at a venue will make your job a lot easier. Find out if a venue provide staff for setting up tables, chairs and clean up. Also find out if they have a technician or electrician for electrical equipment and power.
Photo by Nainoa Shizuru on Unsplash
  • Electricity/Stand by Generators/Cooling/Lighting — Well equipped venues come with power or generators that will power appliances. Adequate cooling appliances are also necessary for guests to relax and have fun at your venue. Venues should also have enough lights inside and around a venue.
  • Wifi/Internet connection — If you are looking for a venue for a corporate event like a meeting, workshop or conference, your selected venue should be able to provide internet services else you would have to cater for that to enable your attendees be online.
  • Location — Is your venue located somewhere that will be easily accessible to guests? Not too far from church as in the case of a wedding? Not too far from the airport for guests coming into the state?
  • Security — Security is a very important need for any venue. Ensure that your venue has adequate security personnel to look out for guests. If not, make provisions for more.
  • Parking Space — A very good venue will have enough space for parking cars coming into the premises. This will prevent guests from parking so far away and walking the rest of the way. We don’t want them arriving at the event cranky, do we?
  • Other Events — Find out the other events holding at the venue on the same day you intend to have yours. You do not want to be having a meeting same day a noisy wedding party is going on next door.

I hope this helps. Until I come your way again,