Why I can’t convince your execs to invest in UX
Jared M. Spool

Very well said, well written article. I’ve been with a company for almost a decade now, it took me almost 4 years of effort to push the UX effort forward, I educated every single person, who was willing to listen I’ve encountered in the first 4 years. Once I got the attention of our executives, I prepared execution plans on how to integrate UX to our existing work flow. Everything was going great except our company was, and still is, an engineer focus company. They promoted an engineer, who knew nothing about UX, to run the UX department as the Head of UX and had me assisted him, after all the leg-work that I’ve done. At the time I was fine with the decision, as I thought, as long as things are moving forward and at the end of the day, if they believe in UX, I’m okay with the decision. Turned out the guy they have promoted was fearful, and had major ego issues. He knew I was professionally trained and had a lot more experience then him in the UX sector, he was constantly trying to sabotage my effort and tried to threaten me by slamming on the table whenever he disagree, it was a very draining process. The moral of the story is…at the end of the day, UX is not just UX; not only do you have to convince your executives, you also have to understand the culture and the business of your company. People are comfortable with what they know and are not very willing to accept changes. You really have to LOVE UX and have a lot of patient and push through obstacles time-and-time again (10+ years for me and going), being in the UX field is really an uphill battle.

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