Mumbai’s trusted autowala’s, new trend.

Mumbai a city of dreams, has its own kind of people. Migrants from doing different other states of India and many from other countries accommodate in this city, the economic capital of India.

For many it’s become their land, the land of Mumbaikars.

Since the 60’s the Bombay’s rickshawala were treated and trusted such more than any others vehicle transporters. Many people for other states started driving rickshaw for their livelihood.

In a recent while this entire trend has changed were the once most trusted autowala’s have turned to be more than a mess. Bragging for money, not taking passengers for short distance has made the travellers lose their trust in the drivers.

Due to which Ola and Uber app or call taxi’s are referred than the kali peeli or Auto’s .

This new trends has become a habit which has made the Mumbaikars complaint against the auto drivers.

The High Court of Mumbai has recent passed a order, rules and regulations to rectify this isssue.

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