Nothing is Trivial

When I fight, it’s woman to man fight that I do”. Those were the words of Ene, warning Olabisi to be mindful and that fighting with her was going to be very violent as she fought with boys(as they have stronger physical strength) only and that if she is forced to fight with Olabisi, Olabisi would be injured mercilessly.

What led to this was an altercation between Ene and Olabisi. Olabisi had shifted Ene’s clothes from the cloth line as it had dried. Shortly after doing this, the heavens showered blessings on the earth and their clothes were not excluded in taking part in the blessing. When Ene came back and saw her clothes, wet and heaped together on one side of the cloth line and found out that it was Olabisi’s doing, she swore, cussed and was headed to be engaged in a brawl with Olabisi. Olabisi on the other hand who was not afraid of getting into a fight with Ene tried explaining that the clothes had dried and that was why she heaped the clothes together but this explanation fell on deaf ears. This avoidable incident may have had drastic effects on Olabisi and Ene as well as the persons that may want to separate them from fighting and this may lead to unrest in the school, for the school and the society at large.

There are so many Enes and Olabisis in schools, communities, organizations, institutions and of both sexes, who as a result of lack of proper communication escalate little issues and turn them to criminal matters.

What if we can mentor 10 young girls to have effective communication skills as evidenced in their ability to communicate efficiently when issues arise and to enlighten and mentor their fellow young girls to develop good communication skills.