Darlington popularly known as Darl is an intelligent and handsome young boy known among his peers in school and church to be a moody fellow and as such, most people do not associate with him.

This attitude of Darl steers from past experiences in his life as a younger boy. Darl was at several times treated badly. One particular experience, with a scar at his back of his neck to constantly remind him of the inhumane treatment and torture and also leaving a scar of neglect and low self-esteem was when a neighbour lifted him and put him in a hot pot of water and while struggling he hit his neck on the edge of the pot. As tears came from his eyes and wailing from his mouth, he thought in his heart that he was worthless and of no importance. Since that day, any act that does not show love or any snubbing by anyone affirmed those thoughts. Darl’s actions are triggered by these experiences, he also when he gets an opportunity, passes this scar by hurting people.

This attitude is not just detrimental to him and those he is inflicting the pain on, but to the society at large because it keeps going in circles.

There are a lot of Darlingtons of both sexes with low self-esteem and pain, which they are ready to spread. There is however, dire need to break this chain and to do this, we must start from somewhere and some people.

What if we can empower 10 young persons who have been treated inhumanly to overcome low self-esteem and the pain as evidenced in their ability to find their positive identity and to help persons with similar situation by mentoring them to be channels of positive change.

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