I Hate My Beloved Apple Watch
Richard Goodwin

I am more conflicted about the Apple Watch than you are I think. I have experienced many of the same frustrations as you have. It is not clear to me that the Apple Watch will ever be a viable platform for apps. I think I am ok with that though.

I too wish Siri didn't suck and that the wrist raise detection would improve or they would find the battery power to keep the screen on all the time.

I also think it’s completely inadequate as an activity tracker for anyone serious about fitness. In fact, I have written about it here on Medium.

In fairness, I have had good luck with Siri for creating reminders and setting timers.

Despite my endless co planning about the device, I do find it comfortable and I like how my iPhone is rarely in my pocket which makes my pants more comfortable. I also like how my wrist notifications can be completed silent and my iPhone and Watch stay muted 100% of the time.

I will be very interested to see how Apple improves this product category over time.

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