If you “eat clean”, you end up indirectly: a) reducing calories to the point where you drop body fat and b) improving your macronutrient ratios and thus stabilizing energy levels and improving your hormonal profile. The problem stems from people associating the end result with something that is only related by side-effect instead of associating the end result with the root cause.
Eating Clean on your weight loss journey “Am I missing the forest for the trees?”
Adam McDonald

This has been my exact experience too. Problem is, people are downright religious in their fervor that carbs should be avoided at all costs or that Paleo is the path to weight loss.

Consistent long-term caloric deficit works every time. It isn’t sexy but you might end up looking sexy if you do it.

I found food journaling to be very helpful at consistency and making sure my numbers add up. I wrote about it here on Medium along with a few tips about how to use MyFitnessPal effectively.

Thanks for your article. I enjoyed the content and the humor.

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