Self-Showings Are Valid

Most property owners are skeptical when it comes to self-showings. However, the notion comes from the lack of sufficient information, as research has adequately indicated that self-showings are safe and effective for the users. The property owners and managers who utilize the self-showings install some protections using advanced technology. Case in point, a detailed vetting system is put in place before an individual is allowed to self-show a unit. Moreover, the property managers and owners collect the appropriate personal information concerning the person, particularly the ID, as a way of ensuring no imposters intrude. The procedure is also made safer by integrating software that charges the individual a small fee to ensure the credit card fee paid is valid. Using the above measures keeps away dishonest people for they avoid transactions that demand these kinds of documentation.

Self-Showings Will Soon Be the Norm

The self- showings practice is likely to rise more in the future, given the technological advances that will allow the integration of more protections. A person’s identity will be validated using a series of queries from leveraged data, artificial intelligence, and public records. Albeit not everyone will be willing to provide such information, those who will agree will most likely be the higher quality applicants. Moreover, the reluctance to provide the personal information will decline with time as the practice becomes a norm.

Self-showings are also safe as they use smart lock boxes that issue rotating codes that are only valid for two hours. Once the user verifies their identity, they schedule their self-showing through online portals. Just a few hours before the appointment, the applicants are provided with a unique code to unlock the box sent using emails or text notifications. The norm gives the prospective resident only a short time to enter the unit, adding a layer of security to the process. After the showing, the individual returns the keys to the lock box and technology notifies the owner via a message whether the key has actually been returned. Moreover, the technology answers all questions concerning the visit. If one is interested in the leasing the unit, they are then provided with the necessary paperwork.

Advantages of Self- Showing

When supplemented with advanced technology, the self-showings leasing process becomes easier. It allows the prospects to visit the units at their leisure, whether day or night. Furthermore, the self-showing process speeds up the process and allows the prospective leasers the chance to tour the facilities faster than would otherwise be possible. Moreover, the process benefits the property managers and proprietors, as they do not have to manage hectic schedules waiting for prospects who may never show up.

The self-showings as well drive the conversion rates, as the property owners lease units faster, at a higher rate, and to better quality tenants. The self-showings technology at the units’ doors also aids in helping contractors access units within short notices. Consequently, this improves the speed at which repairs are made in the house.

Not Lazy but Smart

Albeit managers who use self-showings have been termed as lazy, the fact is that they are smart. Self-showings indicate business acumen, and they demand high-level investment in hardware and technology. Since technology is the only way for the future, property managers and proprietors who install the self-showing techniques will reap ample benefits available.