Introducing Enclaves DEX

We are excited to announce that Enclaves DEX is now up and running.

Enclaves DEX works by aggregating liquidity from EtherDelta and ForkDelta (with new exchanges being added shortly), as well as providing its own native order book (with zero fees on all maker orders, and zero fees on taker orders under 0.1 ETH).

This means you can take advantage of the Enclaves DEX smart contract and wallet to trade across multiple exchanges, benefiting from low fees, error tolerant smart contract design and a simplified and consistent user interface.

The smart contract is live and verified on, with an ENS name of enclavesdex.eth.

We’ve done extensive testing, including fuzz testing on the contract and order book, and will be announcing a public bug bounty shortly.

Fuzz testing our contracts using the Truffle framework

We would love to hear any feedback on the product, please contact us at any of e-mail, Telegram, Reddit, Slack!

Please note that Enclaves DEX should be used only for trading utility tokens, and any use is entirely at your own risk. Enclaves DEX is not responsible for any losses made from trading tokens, or using our smart contract. See for full disclaimer.