Improve your “Content” Marketing Though Four Simple Writing Tips.

There are many ways to improve your writing skills to improve your content and keep readers interested here are four simple tips to keep in mind when shaping your content.

Keep your thoughts and sentences simple. Long sentences make you sound pompous, and long-winded, not professional. Keeping the attention of a reader is hard enough in print let alone trying to keep someone’s attention on any social media platform.

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Keep the tone conversational. Write your content in such a way that it sounds more like a conversation between friends. You want to avoid having your post read like a medical textbook. Use contractions and personal words such as I, you, he and she to help better engage your readers.

Know your target audience, and provide content that matters to them. “Why should this matter to me” These are the six words which will focus your content on what your audience wants and needs to know, rather than on what your business wants to tell them.

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Use one idea per paragraph. Avoid long dense paragraphs, which strain the eyes. Paragraphs should be 1–5 sentences in length with a clear break between paragraphs to improve your reader’s online reading experience.

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Keeping these ideas in my when creating your content you should be able to form a stronger connection with your readers. While at the same time keeping your readers interest while promoting your content.

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