Georgia College Students Talk Safety

Following Winter Break, four GC students came home to missing belongings and a new found unsettling feeling of distrust.

Baldwin High School Young Life leader and GC student Rachel Reed tells her account of discovering her house had been broken into while she and her roommates were away for Winter Break.

“I was the first one coming home from break and I noticed, when I walked in my room, a jar of change that I had on my dresser was gone. I thought that maybe my landlord had some workers in the house over break that may have swiped it, but as my roommates got home, we noticed more and more little weird things.

A plant under a window was kind of messed up and we realized the window seal was kind of broken and the lock on the window had been broken.

So we figured out that they came in through my roommates window, and they took her old iPhone and old wallet, along with my jar of change and we could tell they had gone through all of our drawers.”

Following the discovery of the break-in, the four roommates filed a report with the police and fixed up their broken window. Although not much was taken, the girls were left with a new found cynicism.

“ I think that college students are pretty easily targeted and that’s a little bit unsettling,” said Reed.

Secretary of GC Spanish Club and roommate of Reed, Caitlin Hatcher said that although the break-in was unsettling, it was not necessarily unexpected, and did not change her perception that GC had a safe campus.

“I kind of just felt violated, that the people who would break into our house probably live by us, know that we are students, and knew we would be gone during this time. That being said, I did not have anything in the house worth taking because I knew about the crime in Milledgeville.”

But the recent instances of crime on and very near campus challenged her perception.

“I always considered campus a safe zone until the sexual assault happened. I would say that I don’t really feel safe anymore. Even just walking from the library to the Arts and Science buildings parking lot, I’m constantly checking over my shoulder and I just don’t feel at ease if I’m by myself,” said Hatcher.

Rec Sports employee and GC student Devon Littlefield also commented on changing perception of students about the safety of GC’s campus.

“I still do feel safe on campus but I do think that it is crazy how these instances are getting closer and closer to campus. I think that is something to worry about,” said Littlefield.

As the student perception of campus safety changes alongside these instances of violent crime on and near campus, students and faculty alike look to find ways to make students feel more safe. Although these instances did occur on or very near campus, there seems to be a consensus that GC police and faculty do a very good job at keeping campus safe but crime in Milledgeville is getting worse.

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