A Society of Warriors

Adam Hansen

When early humans came to be, they had to be strong. When the night was cold, and ruthless storms pursued them like a pack of wolves they had to find a means of warmth. They did, what they had to do in order to survive. Nobody ever said survival was going to be easy. But as time progressed, life got easier. Civilizations started form, and a means of warmth no longer needed to be sought out like a needle in a haystack. That sheer persistence that we call ‘survival’, soon became easily tradable for what we know as ‘currency.’ Instead of fighting for themselves, they hired barbarians to do the ditry work that they (the citizens) knew no longer of. This is what we commonly know as a military. Men and women abroad turned in their spears for gowns, and bows for sandals. They knew no longer what it meant to be strong, but rather basked in the riches of their empire. Humans became lazy. Humans became weak.

A painting depicting Romans bathing in thier glorious baths

This was one of the first major downfalls of the Roman Empire. Humans started to forget where they came from. They no longer remembered their ancestors that died before them in order to protect and preserve what they had for future generations to come. This can be seen throughout countless empires, and civilizations; it’s why learning history is important. So it doesn’t repeat itself, but it always does. Instead of recognizing the sacrifices their predecessors made, they decided to eat grapes and cheese. Life became easy. Too easy. A good challenge, mental and physical, is food for the soul. It’s what keeps us human, and aware of daily adversaries that we must overcome. This laziness demonstrated by the Romans, the Greeks, the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Babylonians, the Macedonians, the Huns are all one in the same. All these empires fell victim to an ‘easier way of life’ and forgot what it meant to be warriors. They became lazy, weak, delicate and therefore paid the price. You may laugh at them and say, “Well, that’s their fault for soaking in the riches of their society.” However, we are even worse than they were. Our simple simplistic lives couldn’t be any less complicated compared to the crises they faced. It’s only human to want something better. Something that uncomplicates life. Becasue face it, humans are lazy. It’s in our nature to be lazy. I’m a victim of this as well. Heck, I would rather have my beverage delivered to me than have to go up and get it, but at least I can acknowledge that if I want that beverage, nobodys going to get it for me and I’m going to need to get up and get it myself. Humans become strong and fierce when we need to protect what we have, however, it’s not always enough. In order to be truly strong, you need to have the right mindset. See, even with the body of a fighter, and the training of the fighter, you still won't be able to conquer what you’ve set out to do. You need to be ready to die for what you believe in order to keep your cause alive. Whatever it may be: your kids, parents, religion, country, etc… That’s, the defintion of a fighter mindset. That’s the defintion of a warrior mindset.

‘Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima’ — Soldiers fight for a cause they believe in

Allied soldiers fought throughout the early to mid 20th century to keep the free world alive. Our boys over in Europe weren’t the only ones giving up something for their cause. Our entire economy and society was dedicated to the war effort. It gave the people of America something to believe in. Something to fight for. It united our society as a whole. Pun intened. The only other time our country has experienced such unanimity, is after the towers fell. With a society so polar, today it’s hard to say that we will ever experience something like it again.

A WWII propaganda poster made to help dedicate a larger part of the American economy to the war effort

The Revolutionary war, along with the Civil War are two more great examples of a wars that were fought with passion, and a general belief of something greater than oneself. This is one of the reasons that we were able to even win against the British. But, the main difference between these two wars, was that in one of them we were fighting against ourselves. Now that you think about it, it’s crazy to think that at one point and time our great nation tried to tear itself apart. This is just another example of the unstability of country. You never know where the next threat will come from. Which is why it’s always important to be prepared.

A painting of the Civil War

I don’t know when America will fall. I don’t know who America will fall to. But all I know, is that America will fall some day. And when that day comes, we must be ready as a country, as a military, and as a united populous to overcome any threat that presents itself to our beautiful nation. America has overcame extreme adversaries, but she has far bigger ones to surpass.

An example of the United States being overthrown by a foreign entity
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