Is Masculinity Toxic?

Adam Hansen
Photo via “The Conversation

No. No it’s not. Being masculine is by no means a ‘bad quality.’ Embracing your natural attributes, and who you are as a human is something that everyone should do. Having said so, not everyone feels the desire to be masculine and that too is also fine. It’s hard to think of an exact reason as to why today were having an ongoing discussion about ‘masculinity’ and what it means. An ever-growing social division? A society so polar, it’s hard to say your opinions without being labled as sexist, a facist, or a communist? For thousands and thousands of years men have dominated this planet. That’s not necessarily a good thing. It’s not a good thing at all, in fact. Until recently (relative to human history) the need for what we call “traditional masculinity” has dissipated.

“As with car maintenance, however, the idea that a man owns his house and should therefore know how to take care of it is increasingly an outdated concept.” —

The idea that one should not be responsible for one’s property, and one is unaccountable for damage that occours to said property, is something that I cannot begin to fathom. The thought that ownership over a certain object and understanding of how said object works properly, is an ideal that most people can coincide with. If knowing how to perfectly cook a filet mingon on a grill is considered ‘too masculine,’ and by understanding said skills is something applicable to everyday life is shun-worthy by society, than I think it’s safe to say that at least a majority of men are ‘too masculine.’

Photo via the official “Marine Core Website

See, the only problem with the term ‘toxic masculinity’ is that it refers to all attributes of masculinity being toxic. Including the ‘Warrior Poets’ of our world. The protectors. These are the men (and women) who are blessed with the ability of aggression when need be. The people who will lay their lives to protect others. See, being able to evil things isn’t what defines someone as good or bad. It’s how they use them. Throughout our time on this planet, there will always be the necessary evil, that the strongest members of our society must partake in, in order to ensure a safe tomorrow. In todays day, being strong and fierce is a warning sign to others that this person may be a threat to very nation he or she would die to protect.

We need our strong masculine protectors of our nation, because without them we wouldn’t have our firemen, police officers, and military. These are the people who would rather die than see our country crumble to ashes. But instead of praising them for their sacrifices, we use them at our disposal then proceed to shun them for their ‘questionable motive’ and predominant ‘toxic masculinie behavior.’

On 9/11, three hundred and fifty firefighters died responding to a call to duty that nobody should have to take. It’s safe to say, that those first responders had somewhat to very profound masculine features. If that giving your life so that others can live is considered toxic nature, than I genuinely don’t know what it would mean to be someone who is willing to give their live for the future of others. We are walking on trepidatious grounds if we think that being strong in the face of adversity is evil at its core.

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