I don’t wish to speak on behalf of the person your question was directed to but if you are asking…
Francesca T

  1. A black person can ask the police officer why they have been stopped and they often do. Whatever your perception is, black people are not routinely shot by the police.
  2. This has nothing to do who can say what.
  3. This means that in your mouth the n-word is offensive because it shows a lack of respect and understanding of that fact.” No there is absolutely no logical correlation between the two thing.
  4. Which was my point that white people have been fired from their job for the reason of using the n-word in their private social media account.

It isn’t arbitrarily about skin colour — the n-word is about skin colour and therefore it is appropriate that the social ‘rules’ around that word also be defined by skin-colour.

Are you saying that it would be OK to fire black people from their job if they use certain words that refer to skin color of white people? There are racially charged words describing white people. Should black people be fired if they use those words? Should black people be socially punished for using any of the following words? Whitey, pinky, white trash, bumpkin, redneck, cracker, dago, ginzo.

Now if you are interested I have been presented with a valid argument about the use of the word “nigger”. Nobody in this thread brought it up so I dont think it is common understanding. However this is the only valid argument I have been told so far.

The explanation is as follows.

The word “nigger” is not one word but two separate words with different meaning. The first word is a racial slur. The second word is “buddy” as of close friend and was popularized by hip-hop music.

If the word is used as a racial slur by anybody black or white then it is offensive.

If the word is used in place of “buddy” by anybody then it is not.

However the person hearing the word has to understand the context clearly to be able to decide how he should understand the word.

For this reason, back to the original article, it is fine if a non-black person uses the word if there is an understanding (ie close relationship, friendship) between the black and non-black person. And usually it is OK if a black person says it to an other black person who is in his social circle but not a close friend. For if the word is said by a black person then it is usually not understood as a racial slur. Usually, but not always. I have been told by several black people that they do get offended when they are being called the n-word by other black person especially if they barley know him.