Blogging without posting eye-catching, well-sized, meticulously-curated photos to accompany each post is, to the greater blogging advice community, heresy. I get it — people are drawn to visuals. I’ve also experienced it: Tweets, Facebook posts, etc. for other accounts I manage all do exceptionally better with a well-designed visual.

So to be clear, I’m not debating the merits of photos for blog posts.

What I will say, however, is that adding perfect photos for each entry is yet another brain decision point that we have to give up. We only get so many each day, and when mental resources are running low, not adding a blog photo may just be the tipping point between writing something and doing nothing. This has often the case for me when I’m making social media posts, and I don’t want to let something so shallow get in the way of what this blog is supposed to achieve: me writing stuff. I assure you that today’s post wouldn’t exist had I been required to also submit a photo (I’m tired and I want to do literally anything else besides create content AND make it pretty).

“But Adam! Why not just get some random stock photo to slap on your posts!?”

Because that’s worse than having no photo at all. Because I want my blog writing to be meaningful and productive more than I want it to be read. Because I don’t want my product to be haphazardly thrown together, and that’s what it would be if I tacked on an ill-sized, ill-fitting photo. Remember, achieving your goal is more important than following best practices. For me, it’s better to write, develop a voice, and post than to have a perfectly crafted everything. Maybe I’ll start adding photos when I’m more subconsciously competent at blog writing and posting and can spare the mental credit.

But for now, it’s naked posts…and I’m fine with that.