Sticking Points

Why the sticking point doesn’t just apply to weight-lifting and is the worst moment to walk away from your goals.

Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash

The sticking point, in reference to weight-lifting, is the moment that resistance cannot be overcome because of weakness or disadvantageous position.

This is the point where the weight feels its heaviest.

Where the muscle feels its weakest.

It’s where doubt starts to creep up into your mind. Where you shake and spit and begin to fear that the weight of it will crush you.

It’s where you want to give up and drop it or let someone take it from you.

It’s the point at which, if you’re able to push through, you’re guaranteed to finish the lift

and become stronger because of it.

The sticking point doesn’t only apply to weightlifting though, does it? It applies to any challenge we face in pursuit of our goals.

It’s the point in your diet where the pounds stop falling off as easily and old eating habits begin to gnaw at you.

It’s the 35,000-word mark in the novel you’re writing, where you begin to doubt your ability or the value of the idea.

It’s that moment where the gravity of any particular situation has seemingly tripled in an instant and you begin to question your ability to push through it. So you consider giving up. It would be so much easier to stop fighting it. But here’s the thing:

pushing through the sticking point is the only way to get stronger.

Once you’ve made it through the sticking point, once you’ve faced that moment where the resistance is at its most vicious and triumphed, once you’ve mustered the strength to overcome that challenge, then it’s smooth sailing. And incredibly, the same circumstances that seemed insurmountable last week or last month or last year are nothing when you face them again.

So, when the task in front of you seems impossible and the weight of the challenge seems too much for you to bear, just remember that you’ve reached this same sticking point before.

And if you’d have taken a deep breath,

planted your feet,

gritted your teeth,

pushed a little bit harder,

endured a little bit more,

that challenge that was once a sticking point would now be your comfort zone.

And you’d be miles beyond where you are now.

There will always be a sticking point. Always. But with each triumph comes a little more confidence in your abilities to overcome the sticking points.

That is how we grow.

As weightlifters.

As writers.

As people.