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Smart is doing the same thing to defense by putting the onus on the refs that Pierce, Harden, Manu, Durant and the rest of the floppers do on offense, except those players have immense creativity and skill. Smart is a talented defender for sure, but the cult of personality is misguided for a bench player on a non-contender with zero offensive game. Further annoying me is the entitled attitude that comes with the Celtics. Every foul called on Smart in the Garden comes with two freak outs. One when the foul is called and a second when the replay is shown and it works: Smart was called for more than 20% fewer foul calls per game at home this year, a differential seen during every year of Smart’s career.

Fuck this flopper acting hard. Forget this bench player flexing like a star. Enjoy your 9 ppg on 35% shooter, just don’t expect much in return for a trade unless you can get Vlade to drink the Kool-Aid like the rest of this Homer’s staff.

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