11 Things Developers Love Hearing From Non-Developer Co-Workers
Whitney Meers

Translators know the cold-sweat feeling when an end client says to an inexperienced job manager “We’ve put together a really lovely PDF, specially for your translator” :-(.

And the agency client handling this matter specifically forbids the translator converting the PDF into a Word document. Furthermore, when examining the PDF’s properties page, it turns out to have been fashioned from a Word document in the first place! And on pressing enquiries to the end client, the said Word document cannot be traced. Typically, the assignment is some 30 pages in length, complete with tables and un-editable graphics, on a tight deadline. The best thing to do is segregate the tables and graphics, and dictate the flowing text, then make up the tables in Word and dictate the data into those.

Small beer next to developers’ tasks, naturally, but the crass management dysfunctions are similar. Clients need educating, both in-house and elsewhere.

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