This story was originally published on CR’s Advocacy website in February 2020.

Pictured (from left to right): David Friedman, Hana Creger, Ryan J. Westrom, Adriane Jaynes, Jim Kliesch, Jennifer Stockburger. Photo credit: Adam Winer.

CR hosted a panel discussion about the future of transportation at the Washington Auto Show in January of 2020. From the discussion, CR produced a series of videos broken down by topic about the challenges facing America’s transportation…

A new position for a new organization-wide mission

Consumer Reports is looking for a creative and entrepreneurial leader to build and execute a strategy that will bend the curve of consumption in America towards a sustainable future.

CR’s new Director of Sustainability will provide the vision, leadership, development, and coordination of strategies to influence demand, supply and policy

A new report from the American Lung Association shows the importance of expanding clean transportation options

Many consumers don’t have access to clean transportation options, contributing to air pollution that is endangering the health of nearly half of all Americans.

Nearly 5 in 10 people — about 150 million Americans…

Adam Z. Winer

Communications specialist for CR’s Sustainability policy team, working to advance consumer-friendly energy and transportation policies. @adamzwiner

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